American Elementary School wants anti-racism education for babies and toddlers

“They’re not too young to talk about race!” – that is the title of a graphic that recently caused disconcerted reactions among Twitter users. It is part of a public presentation aimed at parents of students in a US elementary school. Politically correct education for all ages: books and morning meetings against racism An information […]

Independence for America’s Rural Heartland!

Immanent political instability in the US and Canada means rural populations will hold more sway.  Local and healthy food from your region’s heartland should have priority. How important a functioning agriculture is, which can supply people with fresh and healthy products, has only become clear to many citizens in the Corona crisis. The political instability […]

Joe Biden claims there was no corona vaccine before his presidency!

Biden forgot one thing: That his statement can be refuted in a few seconds. Biden lies to make himself look better Joe Biden’s policy is quickly summarized: On the one hand, he reverses Trump’s policies to a large extent –  regardless of the repercussions. On the other hand, in some areas he is simply continuing […]

Basketball: Mavericks owner no longer wants to play the national anthem – but has overlooked something important!

There is mounting opposition to Mark Cuban’s decision to stop playing the anthem. The NBA’s clarification is abundantly clear! The anthem boycott began four years ago The scandal surrounding the American national anthem began in August 2016, when the football player Colin Kaepernick refused to stand during the anthem. He did it because does not […]

The attack on the individual: Cancel Culture

By now everyone has noticed: The cancel culture is spreading exponentially and has meanwhile gone so far that even the most powerful man in the free world is kicked off the social networks and “no platform” should be offered to him. Not just him. Not just since January 6th. You can hardly keep up with […]

Crazy gender nonsense: gender fluidity and poly-sexuality

Are you gender fluid or polysexual? Bravo, you are trendy. Are you just a heteronormative man or woman? Then watch what you say. It might not be politically correct.  From unisex toilets to unisex fashion: the heteronormative conception of the world of ordinary people, which still distinguishes between men and women, is to be broken. […]

World Economic Forum: One should never “waste a good crisis”

Next stage of “social restructuring” Davos is preparing for a new world “after the coronavirus”; Economies will be replaced by ad hoc financial policies With a mixture of carrot and stick, the outdated national economy is to be replaced by a new “consensus-building”, namely stakeholder capitalism – at least if things go to plan for […]

Joe Biden wants men in women’s sports

The new US administration under President Joe Biden wants boys and men to be able to take part in sports competitions held by girls and women if they state that it is their gender. Schools that receive federal funds have to accept that, he decreed . On the other hand, women like the former UN […]

Politically correct “Famous Five” do not sell – publishers say

With politically correct “rewritten” literature, sales decrease. British and French publishers are rethinking this approach after Enid Blyton’s “Famous Five” children’s books were sacrificed years ago on the “Altar of ‘Cancel Culture’”. According to the French daily Le Figaro,  there is a rethinking among British and French publishers. In the texts of the popular “Famous […]


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