Away with all commoners!

The West will be cleansed. Those who do not want to ally themselves with the government have to go, those who refuse to move to the left have to go. Public officials who are unpopular are systematically removed.   However, the wave of purges also affected many other organizations, usually almost unnoticed by the citizen, who does not come into contact with most of the institutions, but is very much affected by their decisions.

In a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy, ideologies that are harmful to the common good are declared to be the will of the people. In addition, there are a large number of state-sponsored clubs, associations and institutions that compete with the same claim: Society should tick on the left. Conservative views, bourgeois virtues and liberal heckling stand in the way of this request. As a result, they have to disappear from the public discourse, which works best when the most prominent voices are not only pushed out of their offices, but also out of all media areas and editorial offices.

There is still a lot of catching up to do when it comes to cleaning

The march of the old left through the institutions is bearing fruit. You can now turn your dream of transforming society into reality. However, the left seems to be losing patience. The relevant organizations are calling for more speed in the state restructuring. 

The fight against right-wing extremism, climate change, anti-Semitism, misogyny, and racism as well as for more migration, can be seen in government project descriptions, consistently and neatly gendered. You will look in vain for projects that explicitly focus on left-wing extremism or even deal with the danger of Islamism. Moreover, racism is defined as it is for reasons of state: it only exists in relation to certain groups of victims with the well-known perpetrator profile. The call by the left to intensify efforts to finally implement the one-sided racism theory in the judiciary leads to fears that the wave of purges will soon wash away the shaky foundations of the separation of powers.

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