USA: Football becomes a vehicle for leftist ideology

Companies like Coca-Cola no longer advertise for fear of left-wing smear campaigns

Conservative fans are upset: the NFL has suffered massive financial losses; companies no longer advertise because they fear that they will offend “woke” fans. Ratings hit 15 year low.

The failure of the National Basketball League in the USA is repeated: The NFL is politicized, conservative fans are insulted, financial slumps follow. Many large corporate sponsors who spent $5.25 million on 30-second commercials in 2019 will no longer advertise at the 2021 Super Bowl.

For exactly 100 years (since 1920) Americans have been able to enjoy Sunday night football as apolitical entertainment. Since 1967 there was the great final – the Super Bowl – between the National Football League (NFL) and the American Football League (AFL).

The Super Bowl takes place every year with a huge audience. On average, almost 100 million Americans watch the sports spectacle. Of course, American companies vied to advertise during this season highlight. Now the well-known commercials are part of the culture war of the left and permeated with left ideology.

The Super Bowl becomes a battlefield for “social justice”.

This year the former quarterback Colin Kaepernick positioned himself in protest against “racial injustice” and threw himself on his knees. This political gesture has now been expanded into a drama of “social justice” as each team has given in to the pressure to prove that it is on board with this leftist activism.

Normal football is no longer. The NFL is becoming a gigantic platform for “social justice” and thus for culture and leftist ideology.

Even during the halftime show, sponsors advertised “Black Lives Matter”, the “#meToo movement” and transgender ideology.

Super Bowl sponsors reacted immediately, and advertising revenue suffered tremendously in 2021.

Large companies that have been advertising for ten or even twenty years are pulling out of the game. This year Ford Motor Company, Coca-Cola, Olay, Hyundai, Little Caesars and Avocados From Mexico are no longer there. The climate they helped create has now proven too toxic for them.

Sponsors say risk reduction is the most common reason they stay away. The nation is so polarized that there is hardly any middle ground. They risked offending people on all sides with their advertising. As a result, board members nationwide are voting against America’s most watched sporting event.

The same companies show no remorse for past promotions that helped provoke the current polarized situation. However, the number of offended fans appears to have reached a turning point. Many company members feel it is time to get out.

Leftist ideology and Cultural Marxism has once again destroyed an industry. You can no longer enjoy sports in peace, but have to endure political re-education on the couch at home, in moments of calm.

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