China on the advance: Biden plans “strategic patience”

Withdrawal instead of economic pressure

Joe Biden has been working in Washington for half a century – but apparently he is only now discovering the “China problem”.  Now that he is in the White House, his policy is “wait and see and drink tea.”

“We want to approach the situation with some strategic patience,” said the White House spokesman Jen Psaki on the new US president’s China policy, while the communist country is aiming for the total destruction of the USA, as Breitbart reports.

“Strategic patience” is diplomatic language for “doing nothing”, “pushing the problem aside” and hoping that the problem will go away on its own, comments Charles Hurt on Breitbart News . “Strategic patience” is usually followed by “need to learn to speak Chinese!” Hurt added dryly.

In the White House press briefing room, Ms. Psaki went on to say that Mr. Biden “has to do internal checks, through our interagency …” she broke off. Then she apologized for not having had enough coffee, which might have helped her more enthusiastically convey Mr. Biden’s sleepy strategy of “strategic patience”.

“We want to work more with the Republicans and Democrats in Congress to discuss the way forward,” added Psaki. “And most importantly, let’s discuss this with our allies.”

While Sleepy Joe is in his rocking chair rethinking his strategy – and while his son is concluding large business deals in China and enriching himself – China is on the advance. Not only will the USA obviously not browbeat China in the next four years – as Donald Trump’s relationship with China has exemplified – but Biden will allow China more and more entry into the American economy and continue to relocate jobs to China.

It’s almost ridiculous that Biden has been touted as the great foreign policy expert so many times in his career. Whenever the United States fails – be it foreign policy debacles, war, economic losses – Biden has had a hand in it.

Hurt comments, “The truth is Mr. Biden did not just discover China. His son, Hunter, already told him all about it and how they are flush with so much cash and just dying to give it away to Americans. […] However much the Chinese communists have already lavished on the Biden family, they already got 100% return on investment — a thousandfold.”

Already in the first days of his administration, Biden curtailed America’s energy independence with the stroke of a pen with the Paris Climate Agreement, especially in comparison to China.

China meanwhile strategically insists on left-wing propaganda and world reconciliation: This week, President Xi Jinping mendaciously warned: “Let us all work together in multilateralism to illuminate our way to a community with a common future for humanity.”  Yikes!

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