World Economic Forum senses citizens’ resistance to the Great Reset

Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum have loudly announced the “Great Reset”. But now we are seeing the resistance of citizens pushing back: It wasn’t supposed to be like that – we were meant to be docile and accepting.

The World Economic Forum is currently meeting for several days. But this time the elites of this world are not giving themselves free rein in Davos because of Corona. This time the meeting of the powerful and influential will take place virtually via an online conference call. The main topic this time is of course the “Great Reset”.

Klaus Schwab, head of the World Economic Forum, and his prominent colleagues feel they have been misunderstood. They had loudly announced the “Great Reset” to what they thought would be much fanfare. The ideas were announced in his writings and on the World Economic Forum website, in numerous lectures and interviews, and through many other media. Even Prince Charles was caught up in the hype. The corona crisis with all its lockdowns should be the occasion for a “great reset” of the economy and society.

We should completely change the way we live, face digital change and the associated monitoring and control, give up our meat consumption and do without cars, own less, borrow more, lease, rent. Countless ideas were worked out in the think tanks on how we should live in the future. The elites want to impose this on us from above; they want to dictate how we should think about the future.

There is now resistance all over the world. Everywhere in Europe and America there is pushback from citizens who oppose these future guidelines. The “Great Reset” has become a media issue, but not as the World Economic Forum had hoped.

Meanwhile, Klaus Schwab tries to row it back. It was not meant that way, he says. He was misunderstood, he says. Conspiracy theories are being spread, he says. The mainstream media immediately jumped on his side and are pushing the narrative that it’s all just conspiracy theories.

Right now, the elites are talking about exactly what is being criticized: They want to take advantage of the corona crisis to change the world according to their images and ideas. Nobody cares what the citizens think. The elites are leading the way. That is the opposite of democracy.

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