Only one in five Americans believes Biden can unite the country

Joe Biden had announced that he wanted to unite the divided nation of the USA. Few people trust in him to do this. In a survey, only one in five Americans trusts him to succeed in uniting the country.  The alternative to unity is separation and secession – an option that is looking better and better.

The US is a politically torn nation, that’s a fact. Two US states (California and Texas) are doing more than just thinking about leaving the Union. A referendum will be held in California in May on leaving the Union and establishing an independent Republic of California. They are not quite that far in Texas yet, but they repeatedly cite the alleged assurance to Texans that they will be able to leave the US on their own initiative. However, this assurance is highly controversial, as it is not explicitly mentioned in the integration contract created after the Civil War on March 30, 1870.

But in other states, too, the inner turmoil is just as recognizable. The militant BLM groups are still trying to destroy traces of the country’s history with violence, but in doing so they repeatedly come across groups who oppose them with the same vehemence. Above all, however, large minorities of Asians and Latinos defend themselves against the demands of the BLM groups and no longer want to be oppressed by them.

Joe Biden had announced that he wanted to unite the politically divided USA. In a recent survey, just one in five respondents (22 percent) had confidence in Biden that he would succeed. 24 percent were quite sure that he would fail completely, more than half (54 percent) of the respondents are unsure whether it will succeed.

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