BLM ideology under legal attack: first lawsuit against “critical race theory”

Because he is white, he is discriminated against by his teachers in school and called a “perpetrator”. Now William Clark is striking back.

The “theory” or ideology on which the BLM movement is based is now being legally tested in the USA as the first lawsuit against the “critical racial theory” is filed in Nevada.

Nobody may be called “privileged” or an “oppressor” just because of their race, gender, sexuality or religious convictions – not even a white student, according to the complaint.

The lawsuit was brought by William Clark, the son of a white (deceased) father and black mother; he was denied high school graduation for failing to conform to the teacher’s racial theories in class.

In this class it is explained to the students that having certain characteristics classifies them as either “privileged” or “oppressed . A rigorous understanding of what constitutes “privilege” and “oppression” was taught in class. Those who identify as white, male, heterosexual or Christian are by definition privileged and oppressors, which has been defined in the lawsuit as “malicious or unjust” and “wrong”.

When the possibility of litigation emerged, school officials gave William and his mother three “choices”: he could conform and get a good grade, thereby maintaining his excellent prospects for college; or he could do the minimum work and get a C grade, the lowest grade this school allows, and thereby dash his hopes for a top college, but would at least get a degree; or he could continue his resistance and not graduate from high school.

William and his mother did not bow to the ideology and filed a lawsuit against the school in early January. William is now fighting to get a degree.

They are requesting a permanent and permanent injunction against this instruction, as well as damages and legal fees. They are calling for a jury trial so that the public can learn what is going on in this and many other public schools.

This lawsuit could be the first of countless legal steps against the “critical race theory” in the US and thus the beginning of the end of this cultural-Marxist current – at least in the classroom.

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