“Amen” and “Awoman” – US Democrat Cleaver ends opening prayer for new congress

Parody or a complete misunderstanding of common words from another of a disturbing number of woefully uneducated Democrats? A member of the US Congress ends a public prayer with the words “A-Men and A-Woman”.

You can’t make this up.  

Emanuel Cleaver, Democrat representative from Missouri, said the opening prayer on Sunday for the first day of the 117th Congress. So far so good. A video excerpt spread rapidly online and was commented at the same speed, sometimes with expressed incomprehension, criticism, amusement and outrage, both by other representatives and significantly more social media participants.

The issue: Cleaver ends his prayer by speaking of the “monotheistic God” who is known by many different names and things, and with the “Amen” common in Christian prayers. Then he adds “and A-Woman”.  

The general tenor was that it was wrong to try to assign a gender to the word “Amen”. The congressman Guy Reschenthaler posted on Twitter that the word Amen is “not a gendered  word. Unfortunately, facts are irrelevant to progressives. Unbelievable.”

What makes this worse is that Cleaver is an ordained pastor of the United Methodist Church

One can consider Rep. Cleaver and his prayer as a failure. Together with the excitement that followed, it reveals the misunderstandings and ridiculousness that can lead to excessive identity politics.

Congress swore in new lawmakers Sunday and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was re-elected to the post. A 45-page package that was voted on yesterday removes all mentions of gender-specific pronouns and terms such as “Man”, “Woman”, “Mother” and “Son” – which would presumably put Rep. Cleaver in violation of the law with words like “amen” and “awoman”.

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