People with “significant reactions” shouldn’t get vaccinated

Two employees of the British National Health Service (NHS) showed an allergic reaction after being vaccinated with the corona vaccine developed by BioNTech / Pfizer. Now the NHS is warning people with known reactions to certain foods, drugs or vaccines in general not to get vaccinated.

Due to the lack of time, there have been no long-term studies with regard to tolerability, sustainability and side effects or other possible damage with respect to the various corona vaccines that are currently being developed en masse and put on the market. Almost every country would like to be at the forefront, and loads of pharmaceutical companies are hoping to make big profits. The health, and physical well-being of people, as cited by the old, tired party politicians in this country are used as the justification for the tightening of the Trudeau lockdown; these will be trampled upon when the corona vaccines are launched. We should and must be vaccinated, no matter what the cost – even if it costs somebody’s life, say the politicians.

In the UK, the vaccine, developed in collaboration between BioNTech and Pfizer was launched and injected into NHS staff. Two vaccinated people showed severe allergic reactions immediately after the injection. Both employees are people who are known to have had allergic reactions to drugs, certain foods and other vaccines and who therefore carried adrenaline autoinjectors with them. This precaution saved their lives.

The NHS then issued a warning about the vaccine. People known to have significant reactions to certain foods, drugs, and vaccines in general should not get the corona vaccine, according to a warning from the NHS.

Millions of people in Canada live with various allergies, and the number is rising. Each of these allergy sufferers would first have to have themselves checked for the compatibility of the individual ingredients of the corona vaccine and the compatibility of the combined ingredients. Only if there are no abnormalities could a vaccination then be considered. But at Trudeau and Co. the call for a general compulsory vaccination regardless of any previous illnesses or symptoms is getting louder.

So far very few of these loud voices have had themselves vaccinated, no doubt waiting to see how safe the vaccine is on the plebs.

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