Hospital employee collapses after the corona vaccination in front of the cameras

Worldwide there are increasing cases of “worrying reactions” to corona vaccinations. In Alaska there are two vaccinated nurses in the intensive care unit and in Memphis a vaccinated hospital worker collapsed in front of the cameras.

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How safe are the corona vaccinations from Pfizer and others that are currently being distributed?

Information about “worrying reactions” is increasing worldwide.

Current examples: Like the New York Times reported, a few minutes after the vaccination two hospital employees in Alaska showed “worrying reactions” after just a few minutes. Despite emergency treatment, a woman who had not previously had any health problems had to spend the night in the intensive care unit.

Another recent case: At the CHI Memphis in Tennessee, a high-ranking hospital employee who had just been vaccinated collapsed in front of the cameras. Before that, she just wanted to tell how thankful and happy she was for the vaccination. Then she passed out and fell over.

The hospital employee is claimed to have recovered later.

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