For incumbent US President Donald Trump, the battle for the presidency has only just begun. He sent a clear signal via Twitter: in uppercase.

The US presidential election that took place in November was, is and continues to be accompanied by inconsistencies, uncleanliness and cheating, right through to outright fraud. This is also what the Supreme Court has implied in its current negative decision on the filing of lawsuits by Texas and 18 (!) Other US states against the dubious incidents during the counting of votes in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and other states. The Supreme Court did not say that there was no evidence of fraud and therefore rejected the lawsuit. The lawsuit was dismissed because Texas, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and every other US state can choose their own counting modalities. So when Texas counts votes from beginning to end, that’s the decision of the Texas electoral authority. But if Michigan pauses at night when Trump is clearly winning and continues the counting the next day – and then pulls a majority of votes out of the hat for Biden – that is the decision of the Michigan election authorities. Texas has no control over this and therefore cannot sue Michigan, the Supreme Court ruled.

The incumbent US President Donald Trump was only slightly influenced by the decision of the US federal court. Immediately after the dismissal was announced, he tweeted “WE HAVE JUST BEGUN TO FIGHT !!!”. The response to his appeal has been gigantic, as has the support for Trump on social media -even if Facebook and others try to stop and prevent the distribution of those posts by censoring posts or deleting them immediately.

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