Facebook could be broken up

Facebook has a dominant market position in the area of ​​social media, and is a kind of monopoly. But Mark Zuckerberg and his colleagues have not achieved this dominant position in an honest way, says the US Federal Trade Commission. Instead, Zuckerberg and his colleagues massively manipulated the market, and even committed criminal acts – and these are the basis for the “success” of Facebook. This applies above all to the takeover of two other media platforms (Instagram and WhatsApp). In the course of this takeover, Facebook impeded interested competitors, manipulated their posts on various platforms and massively censored them on Facebook itself. In addition, according to the court, they did not even shy away from criminal acts.

People pretend to be innocent on Facebook. A lawyer for the platform claims that they stand for free competition and the right to freedom of expression. However, this claim seems like irony because it was precisely Facebook and its offshoots that censored and deleted posts on a massive scale in the last US presidential election and blocked thousands of user accounts – all conservatives. “Free” is hardly the appropriate term.

In Canada too, Facebook and the like are massively censoring content. The social media platform can rely on an army of volunteers who – ideologically softened – scour the web for posts that they then arbitrarily censor or delete. Facebook doesn’t need to hold anyone accountable.

The forthcoming ruling by the US antitrust court could put an end to such atrocities.

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