France wants to close mosques

After the latest series of Islamist attacks, the French government announced that it would monitor mosques and close them if necessary.

After the unprecedented series of attacks by Islamists, the French government has announced that it will bring the murderers’ environment under control. In a “massive and unprecedented operation” suspicious mosques are to be monitored by the police and, if necessary, closed by the authorities.

In contrast to Canada, where the government cannot give Islamists enough freedom, the government in France wants to examine a total of 76 mosques and places of worship. Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin announced this on Twitter, where he said that mosques would be “checked and those that need to will be closed”. The action started Thursday.

Some mosques have so far resisted being closed by the authorities, while others have employed imams who are seen as preachers of hatred or threats – or both.

After the brutal murder of teacher Samuel Paty, the government banned two Islamic organizations that Interior Minister Darmanin regards as “breeding grounds” for extremism. In addition, a mosque north of Paris was temporarily closed because it had shared calls to murder the teacher. A Chechen Muslim beheaded Samuel Paty after the teacher showed Mohammed cartoons in class.

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