Worldwide corona measures accelerate the atomization of Western society

Empty city centers, lonely people, broken families

The corona measures in the West are accelerating the radical individualization of people and the atomization of society. 

According to the motto “divide and conquer”, Western society is increasingly being driven into the radical individualization of people and the atomization of society. When social and family structures are broken up, the unstructured mass is defenseless against the state and large corporations.

When the seeds of globalists grow, the way will be cleared for an entirely new and dangerous form of totalitarianism.

Corona lockdowns accelerate the process

The corona lockdown in Canada, implemented by Trudeau, under orders from Tam and the WHO,  and the corona measures in many other Western countries are accelerating the decline of family, neighborhood and social structures. More and more people get lonely, not only the elderly and the sick, but also ordinary citizens.

The process has been going on for several decades, but is picking up speed from year to year and is being accelerated by the COVID-19 crisis and the Corona measures.

The crisis not only affects social processes that have to do with the more flexible professional world, but also deliberate and planned campaigns to consciously erode family values.

From the USA to Canada and Great Britain to the states of the EU: the picture is the same everywhere.

The number of single households is increasing rapidly, as is the number of single mothers. More and more people are considered lonely, feel lonely and do not have the protection of family cohesion when they have to go through a crisis. In return, the dependence on state structures, on social enterprises and insurance companies is increasing – for those willing to use them. 

By breaking down cultural and social taboos while at the same time undermining family values ​​and religious norms, more and more people are losing stability and direction. They increasingly resemble will-o’-the-wisps that burn up in the zigzag of change.

The corona measures are the drop that brings the barrel to overflow. The loneliness can now be felt by many people, psychologically and physically. Social media doesn’t help either – because these only accelerate the stress factor.

Atomization of society: the Nazis and communists already used this process

Anyone who has studied the social and societal programs of the National Socialists and Communists of the 20th century immediately recognizes that the aim of both ideologies was to break up family structures and to get people, starting with children and young people, to show loyalty to the state or rulers. A typical example is tearing the child out of maternal care.

Today this process is supported by corporate and investor interests. The mothers are forced to work or employment and the children are entertained by multimedia at high social costs. From private kindergartens to state schools: many institutions win, but families lose. Family ties are broken.

Every crisis, like the current Corona crisis, is misused to conjure up further measures and laws that accelerate this process.

In the end there is the atomized society of isolated individuals. This is not a rosy future, but a gray dystopia that can unfortunately become reality very quickly.

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