Barack Obama threatens America with a military coup

Former US President Barack Obama told leftist ABC News host Jimmy Kimmel: “We are ready to send Navy SEALs at any time” to physically remove President Donald Trump from the White House.

The logical conclusion: after election fraud and a disinformation campaign, the Democrats are now threatening US President Trump with a military coup, as Breitbart News reports.

Ex-President Obama made these remarks while appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to promote his new memoir, A Promised Land. When asked by Kimmel if there were any secret places in the White House where “someone could hide” if they didn’t want to go, Obama replied, “Well, I think we can always send the Navy SEALS in there to dig him out. “

Kimmel also asked if it would be strange to address Joe Biden as “Mr. President”. No, Obama replied, “I’ve already called him Mr. President Elect.”

At the beginning of the conversation, Kimmel suggested that it might be too early to assume that Biden won the election given that President Trump disputes the results in the most important swing states and has stated that he is taking the election to court because of electoral fraud and manipulation.

Obama replied – in keeping with the Democratic narrative – that when asked whether the victory congratulations for Joe Biden had come too early: “No, I thought it was exactly the right time,” Obama replied.

Jimmy Kimmel recently called for the “arrest” of President Trump after the President made a November 5 speech alleging that election fraud had occurred in swing states, including Pennsylvania and Georgia.

“It was a litany of lies, threats, just a despicable and incoherent attack on democracy in the United States,” Kimmel said. “At the end of that speech, he should have been arrested.”

Trump’s team has repeatedly documented that there was election fraud, false counting and software manipulation, as reported by Transverse Waves here, here and here. Lawsuits are currently underway.

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