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You have to be able to refute these 12 feminist lies!

1 There are no genders!

Of course it’s nonsense. Everyone knows who has looked down on himself.

2 The sexes are equal!

When they can no longer deny the existence of genitals, feminists claim that this is the only difference between the sexes. Everything else just depends on socialization.

Not only does every neurologist know that this is wrong, but also every normal person with common sense. Women are demonstrably more empathetic and sensitive, men are more daring and rougher.

It is far more difficult for women to build muscle than for men. But they have strengths in communication. The list of scientifically proven truisms is a long one.

3 Feminism fights for equal opportunities for both sexes!

Often claimed. In the job advertisements it is said again and again: “If the suitability, ability and professional performance are the same, women are preferred.“ Well men? How does it feel to be really “equal”?

4 It is absolutely right for a woman to focus on her career first!

Biology says: “No.” Starting a family becomes more difficult, especially for women, with increasing age. The older a woman is with her first child, the greater the likelihood of disability and complications during pregnancy and childbirth.

If women are really unlucky, starting a family doesn’t work at all when their careers are that far. And on your deathbed, having a career does not make you happy.

5 The world would be more peaceful if women ruled it!

Sure. There are also good and peaceful role models like Cleopatra or Catherine the Great. Not to mention Angela Merkel, who plunged her own country into a previously unimaginable chaos. What a service to peace. Oh and by the way, didn’t you say that men and women are totally identical in everything?

6 Women are kept out of science courses!

That’s nonsense. No woman is prevented from studying mathematics, mechanical engineering or computer science. No obstacles are put in your way either. But women just don’t want to study this kind of thing that often!

That is completely natural and fine. The few women who enjoy it are treated politely and happily employed. Or have you ever heard someone say: “I studied neurobiology, but now I clean train station toilets because nobody wants to hire a woman”?

7 Traditional marriage oppresses women!

This is arguably one of the biggest feminist lies ever. Feminism has fought traditional marriage from the beginning and pushed it back enormously. Marriage protects the woman from financial uncertainty, obliges the father to care for their children and does much more that benefits women.

Nevertheless, it is better to persuade young women not to commit themselves, to gain endless sexual experiences and – no idea how exactly – “realize themselves”. What remains are unhappy women with attachment problems who watch their lives go by in menopause.

8 women earn less than men for the same work!

This so-called gender pay gap is a lie by American feminists. And here, too, they persist. It only works if you simply ignore essential reward factors:

For example, men tend to choose better paid jobs and work more hours per week. If you include these facts, the gender pay gap bursts like a soap bubble.

And anyway , if women would do the same work for a fraction of the money, companies would only hire women, right?

9 Abortion is a human right!

Certainly not. Every abortion kills a small, unborn but living person. In 97% of the cases, because the woman “just doesn’t like it”. Has anyone ever asked the children whether it is “just right” for them to be aborted?

10 Obesity is not unhealthy!

If someone says that it is unhealthy to weigh 160 kilos, then feminists have a word for it: fat shaming! And it’s not about schoolyard bullying. Feminists demand: no more health tips, because they are evil and discriminatory!

11 The patriarchy rules everything!

When it comes to conspiracy theories, feminism can easily compete with “Aliens are watching us and have kidnapped me at least twelve times!” and “The earth is flat”. They don’t have alien photos and flat-earth graphics.

The horror image of the raping, women-hating, oppressive man is enough. The fact is: The “conspiracy of the patriarchate” has been fought for a hundred years now. But the existence of it has not yet been proven.

12 men are privileged!

It is often pointed out that women are much more likely to be victims of domestic violence or sexual assault. At the same time, feminists like to hide the fact that men are ten times more likely to die at work.

Somehow they never mention that it is mainly men who die in war, pull other people out of burning houses, are practically always disadvantaged in custody disputes and that the overwhelming majority of the homeless are men. The patriarchy slept there, didn’t it?

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