Pennsylvania and Michigan: two legal victories for Trump

Trump’s team is confident of important wins in Michigan and Pennsylvania as enormous amounts of voter and election fraud has been exposed.

The US Constitution prevents illegal ballots from being counted or votes stolen.

President Trump’s campaign leaders said they had two victories on Monday. In an effort to challenge the results in several major states, Michigan state lawmakers agreed to hold an election irregularity hearing pending an accelerated federal appeals court trial in Pennsylvania, as the gateway Pundit reported.

So there is reason to hope for a Trump victory in both states.

The developments were announced by Trump campaign lead legal advisor Jenna Ellis, who confirmed the hearing would take place at 9 a.m. on Wednesday.

“We are grateful to the Michigan House lawmakers for not rashly confirming imprecise election results,” Ellis told Just the News.

“We are confident that once they understand the extent of the outright fraud and violation of the law that has happened in Michigan and across the country, they will share the same concerns. Every American should want to know the truth.”

Michigan House Speaker Lee Chatfield commented over the weekend that the state was heading for a constitutional crisis.

Meanwhile, the US Third Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on Monday that Trump’s motion for “expedited emergency review will be granted on the orders of the court.”

President Trump’s team had prepared to take the election to court. So it happened. Joe Biden’s team cheated in every possible way. Trump is now fighting for justice.

The election is far from over. The president has the US Constitution on his side and that will lead him to victory.

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