President Trump brings the US troops home

The incumbent US President Donald Trump is bringing almost all US troops home from abroad. After the withdrawal from Afghanistan and Iraq, only 2,500 US soldiers will remain in each of the two countries. His predecessor Obama had been at war for 2,663 (!) days during his term of office, and under his aegis there were 100,000 US soldiers in Afghanistan alone.

“Bring home our troops” – that was a demand made by opponents of the US operation in   Vietnam   in the late 1960s and early 1970s. It was also a goal of Barack Obama, Donald Trump’s predecessor as US President. But Obama broke his word. In his two terms of office he waged war for a total of 2,663 (!) days, an inglorious record for a US president. So it is hardly surprising that Obama has gone down in US history as the War President. Under his aegis were more than 100,000 US soldiers in Afghanistan, and more than 140,000 soldiers in Iraq.

Donald Trump is now putting an end to this ghost. He is bringing almost all US soldiers home. According to the order from the White House, only 2,500 US soldiers are to remain in each of the countries. They will primarily act as trainers and advisers for that state’s armed forces.

In his presidential campaign ahead of the 2016 election, Donald Trump announced that if elected he would end the US military presence in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Unlike his predecessor Obama, Donald Trump kept this promise. The withdrawal is planned to take place quickly, the “courageous women and men who have served in Afghanistan and Iraq will be home before Christmas,” he announced on Twitter in early October. Now the implementation of that announcement is here.

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