Another constituency in Georgia “finds” 2,700 votes for Donald Trump

The vote count after the November 3rd US presidential election is far from over. Previously missing votes are “found” everywhere,  now including Georgia.

The socialist Joe Biden has been annointed by the press as the winner of the electoral college votes in the state of Georgia. This has been reported  prematurely  by many US broadcasters such as CNN; the reports are then disseminated by the Canadian mainstream media in their usual lazy manner – without any further research. Not a single US state has announced an official election result and will not do so before the designated date on December 8th. Then, and only then, will the election results be official. All other claims, as they are popularly (and incorrectly) spread by the mainstream media, are – as usual – fake news.

At the moment, no electoral authority in a US state will dare move before necessary. There are already too many indications, testimonies and evidence that before and during the election and especially during the counting of votes after the election, cheating was carried out on a large scale. “The Steal” has become a household word in the US for this election.

Above all, however, events occur that take the counting of votes and the hasty announcement of an alleged election winner to a new absurdity every day. In just a few days, in two counties in Georgia, loads of ballots that had previously been lost were suddenly found in quick succession. And – surprisingly – the majority of the “found” ballots were in favor of incumbent President Donald Trump. In Fayette County, Trump received an additional 400 votes more than Biden, in Floyd County it was 800.

Just as, after the counting stopped in Georgia, Biden was suddenly able to miraculously “work out” an alleged lead over Donald Trump, this counted lead from ballot find to ballot find goes down the drain. There are 159 counties in Georgia, which is 159 constituencies. Previously uncounted votes were found in two of them, the majority for Donald Trump. The other 157 counties are still looking. And if “lost” ballot papers are found everywhere with margins similar to those of now, that is almost 100,000 votes for Trump.

Currently, according to media reports, Biden in Georgia is said to have a lead of about 12,000 votes. Unofficial – because there is still nothing official.


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