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9 things we’ve always done for good reasons!

For leftists, everything is up for discussion. Okay let’s discuss! First of all: Sure, just because you’ve been doing it for a long time doesn’t necessarily make it right, but something else is not automatically good because it’s new.

However, there are many things that have always been done a certain way for good reasons:

1 We separate sport by gender!

Transsexual athletes are increasingly appearing in sport. Even the International Olympic Committee allows biological men, if they identify as women, to participate in women’s sports.

Even in the case of hormone therapy, so-called trans women have much higher testosterone levels than biological women. This is why trans women often easily win gold medals. In order to prevent this unfair advantage of biological men over women, there has always been gender segregation in sport.

2 We also endure opinions that we do not share!

Freedom of expression doesn’t just mean that we are free to have an opinion. We must also be able to express them. Today, uncomfortable opinions are often branded as “hate speech” in the western world. Especially when they concern immigration policy or gender ideology.

But if we can only say what is currently fashionable, we no longer have freedom of expression.

3 We separate bathrooms by gender!

The left unisex bathroom trend that has been going on for years is absurd. Gender-specific bathrooms protect women from assault and allow privacy for both sexes.

4 We do not use newspeak!

George Orwell’s novel 1984 describes a socialism in which language is changed politically. This “newspeak” is intended to prevent liberal, anti-socialist and other undesirable opinions from being formulated at all.

Language is a treasure handed down over many generations. It should be practical, natural and beautiful. Reverse language and catalogs full of forbidden words stand in the way of this. Language should make it easier for us to express ourselves – not make it difficult.

5 We assign jobs based on competence instead of gender!

Women in management positions are no longer uncommon. Nevertheless, leftists want to use quotas for women to force as many women as men into management positions. In plain English, this means: When in doubt, selection is no longer based on competence, but on gender.

The reason is that the underrepresentation of leading women was due to a tacit male conspiracy to keep women out. In reality, women on average have fewer career ambitions, are more likely to stay at home for children, and simply make different career choices than men.

6 We value private property!

Even the Ten Commandments protect private property in several passages. For example: “Thou shall not steal!” Leftists like to quote the anarchist Pierre-Joseph Proudhon: “Property is theft.” History has shown that there is no real prosperity without private property.

An example: private agricultural land made up only four percent in the Soviet Union, but produced a considerable part of the food. For example, 59 percent of all potatoes and 39 percent of all eggs. No state enterprise has functioned as well as the small private gardens of the Soviet workers.

7 We protect women more than men!

“Women and children first!” That is standard in Western culture. The weaker receive special protection and are, for example, the first to be rescued from a sinking ship. When it still existed, conscription never applied to women.

Women are exposed to particular dangers in war and on average have greater difficulties with the physical demands of military service.

8 We let the police do their job!

“Racial profiling” has been discussed for years. That is the practice that police question certain groups of people more often. This strategy is successful because it corresponds to the practical experience of the police officers. This doesn’t only affect foreigners.

If it is the job of the police to detect crimes, then there is nothing to complain about.

9 We put our family above our careers!

Today women are almost pushed to build a career first and then to start a family between their late 30s and their mid-40s. But that is not what most Canadian women want. It also significantly increases the health risks for mother and child. Fertility also drops sharply at this age.

That is why more and more women have to resort to surrogate motherhood and “test tube babies.”  This in turn harbors its own risks, such as a higher frequency of multiple births. This is risky for the mother and in order to improve the development chances of individual multiples, their siblings are often killed in the womb.

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