Black Lives Matter rioters sweep through Portland again. Arson, looting, mayhem ensues.

Portland once again faced violence on Friday night, with numerous businesses destroyed by vandalism and fire, with Black Lives Matter, Antifa and a smattering of other Marxist groups rampaging through the city’s core and ending up in residential areas.

The Mexican Consulate was the first target of the rioter’s rage, but they failed to do anything other than spray-painting a small amount of graffiti.  Police finally showed up when the rioters reached the county courthouse and began smashing windows.  No arrests were made.

Hundreds of rioters, dressed all in black and wearing masks and helmets, went on to target downtown businesses, already suffering from the Corona restrictions.  The lucky businesses only suffered broken windows and looting.  Others were not so lucky: arsonists in the group set fire to multiple businesses causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage.  One person was reported punched, kicked, and stabbed when he was cornered and surrounded by a mob of the rioters.  Again, no arrests were made. 

Mainstream media in the US and Canada have an unofficial blackout on the reporting of BLM violence.

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