Bill Gates names the date of a new pandemic and describes a bleak future

The billionaire compared the upcoming changes with the events of World War II

Behind the joke of Bill Gates, who compared anti-maskers with nudists, his forecast for the future, which he gave in a conversation with the “actress” Rashida Jones, somehow fell out of sight. The forecast about how the world will work, and about the inevitability and timing of a new pandemic, turned out to be rather gloomy. Unfortunately, Gates’ predictions can be trusted; the billionaire predicted the current pandemic exactly.

The coronavirus, the Microsoft founder said Thursday, will only bring bad news for another 6-8 months. In his opinion, this is due to two things. Firstly, “in winter, when it is colder, the virus multiplies faster, because we spend more time indoors, so this is not very good,” and secondly, people are simply tired of restrictions and “for example, they find it more and more difficult to stay away from friends.” Then, as vaccine production increases, “there will be a light at the end of the tunnel.”

In his opinion, we will inevitably have another pandemic. With luck, Gates said, it will happen 20 years from now, but “we have to assume it could happen in three years.”

However, he said, the new pandemic “will have a less devastating impact” because “we will have had practice.” The countries of the world, in his opinion, will conduct anti-epidemic exercises, like the military, and testing tools will improve: “We will not be so stupid the second time.”

Life after the current pandemic will change a lot. Gates likened this to how World War II “brought women to jobs and many of them stayed.” In the same way, the answer to the question “Do I need to go there physically?” is answered by remote work, online shopping and so on.

According to Gates, the central parts of cities will change – there will be fewer restaurants and entertainment. According to the billionaire, that is good for people. 

But tracking people will become the new normal. Gates suggests that it will be normal to ask friends before letting them into the house, “What have you been doing in the last twelve days?” Or ask the children who come to visit your children: “Well, you were with your parents. What did your parents do?”  The only way to get reliable answers is through government tracking.  “We will need to have a centralized system so that we can see where everybody has been, and that starts with sharing information globally.”

Bill Gates considers the introduced distance education a disaster. “The educational deficit we are creating, especially among children from low-income families, is simply catastrophic,” he said. This is especially true for young children. From the point of view of a billionaire, they must be returned to schools, and in order to have fewer contacts in the human population, it is better to close restaurants and bars.

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