When heroes become perpetrators and slackers become heroes

The federal government declares us all heroes, while all real heroes in history are bad-mouthed. It’s a mixture of kindergarten and totalitarianism.

I’m a hero right now because I’m sitting at home as I write this sentence. And if you are reading this sentence in your rocking chair (or another seat of your choice so as not to discriminate) in your home, then congratulations! You are a hero here too. You and I join a long list of great heroes – Achilles, Churchill, George Floyd ….

We are a people of heroes. I can say that with impunity, after all, the Federal Government is doing it too. This time we will be told what it means to be a hero – Corona makes it possible. Because the country needs heroes now. The second wave breaks, but nobody really wants to stick to the quarantine measures. Especially not the young people, who just continue to celebrate and cannot be tamed.

Now you ask yourself: what do you have to do to be a hero? Find a cure? Help out in the hospital? What is it that makes you a hero?

Typical of a government of people who have never had to do anything for themselves, Prime Minister Drama Teacher says your special achievement is to do nothing. Previously you were called lazy because you never left the house. You played video games all day, had no ambitions in life. There is tragic theatrical violin music playing in the background while you remember that you ate ravioli in a can and didn’t even have the decency to at least warm it up – because you were too lazy for that too. When Corona broke out, you stayed the same and the world around you changed. Suddenly, “doing nothing” was a service to the community at these “special, difficult times.”  “But it is easy to be a hero”, says Trudeau, as if he had just described the deepest depths of his human existence to us.

Good heroes, bad heroes, all heroes, no heroes

First of all, it contradicts the meaning of the word hero, because if everyone is a hero, no one is a hero. Just as not everyone can be rich at the same time, because then nobody is rich.  Second, the tenor of the Prime Minister reminds me of kindergarten. The caregivers want to bring a healthy diet with similar slogans. “If you finish your spinach, you will be big and strong. A true knight would surely have finished his spinach. And yes, Mary, that also applies to princesses.”

Angry tongues, on the other hand, would say that it reminds them of history class. Because medals for being good are usually only known from totalitarian regimes, for example from the Soviet Union, when at that time one was a “hero of work”. But, after all, the government only means well to us, doesn’t it?

And there is good news too, because at least now it is easy to be a hero. I always thought that to be a hero you had to take risks. But action, risk and courage have nothing to do with it – if you do the right thing for the wrong reasons, the mob nullifies all your work. George Washington could tell you a thing or two about it. Yes, he crossed the Delaware to establish the first republic of his time, but that’s nothing special because he was a slave owner after all, so let’s tear down his statues.

But I have to say one thing: there is something that young people risk who stay at home and don’t go out. Your sanity. While they may not even catch a cold this year, many suffer from living completely isolated. At the first lockdown, almost all of my friends were depressed to some extent and didn’t know what to do with themselves. After all, it is not normal at our age to do nothing. Yes, you could go for a walk, but where should you go? Nothing was open. That still doesn’t make us heroes by a long way, but it’s still a problem that the government hushed up and ridiculed. I can do without being declared a hero involuntarily. First they take everything away from us and when we are then forced to do without everything, a gold star is stuck on top. We feel really great, thank you!

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