Trudeau: “Manufacturing in Canada is back!”

“What’s next, mustard?”

Kraft Heinz announced today that production of Heinz Ketchup for sale in Canada is moving back to Canada from the United States.

This iconic condiment will be produced at Kraft Heinz Canada’s flagship Mont Royal factory in Montreal, Que.  Heinz brand ketchup is famously known for the innovative “upside down ketchup bottle,” praised by the Prime Minister when he acknowledged the imminent opening of the new facility.  “It’s great that you don’t have to turn over the bottle anymore,” he said.

After decades of manufacturing flight to more economically and politically amenable countries in Asia, and then many of the remaining factories to the US during the Trump presidency, Trudeau sees the tomato crushing plant heralding a new dawn for Canadian industry.  “As a great complement to our potato industry, this is just the beginning,” he said.

Conservative leader Erin O’Toole, while welcoming the creation of the 30 jobs this facility will bring, was more realistic.  “Our industry and high tech manufacturing and research have fled to Asia, and the Prime Minister’s anti-Trump policies and refusal to play nice with the President have resulted in auto manufacturing moving back south of the border.  With this new facility, Canada moves up to be the 32nd largest condiment producer for domestic consumption.  What’s next, mustard?”

The new ketchup line is set to begin operation in late summer 2021 and is expected to produce over 100 million pounds of Heinz Ketchup for Canadian consumers in the first two years alone as production ramps up. This project is a joint investment between Kraft Heinz Canada and the Government of Quebec’s business expansion program.

“Kraft Heinz Canada is pleased to partner with the Quebec Government on this investment in bringing ketchup production back to Canada from the U.S.,” says Bruno Keller, President, Kraft Heinz Canada. “Through our partnership with Quebec and increased efficiencies at our Mont Royal facility, it became possible to return this iconic product back to Canada for Canadians at this time.”

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