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Historian praises Joe Biden’s “victory speech” on US TV – that he wrote himself!

Left historian enthusiastic about Biden’s speech

Last Saturday, Joe Biden gave a victory speech in his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware – although the result of the election has not yet been officially determined and all votes are currently being re-counted in the state of Georgia.

The next day on the ultra-left news channel MSNBC host Brian Williams asked historian Jon Meacham about the meaning of Biden’s words. He praised Biden straight away.

Meacham wrote the speech himself

What the TV viewers probably didn’t know: Meacham helps Biden write speeches, and according to the New York Times  he was also involved in the ‘victory speech’ which he praised so much.

Conservative writer Dinesh D’Souza comments, “That’s what these people are like. With all their references and all their self-importance, they are simply scammers. “

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