US election distracts Canadians from real problems

Since Donald Trump won the Republican primary in 2016, Justin Trudeau has been one of the most prominent Trump opponents outside the United States. Under his direction, the Canadian media was able to convince a significant majority of Canadians that Donald Trump was the greatest threat to the world.

With Joe Biden’s self-proclaimed victory, mainstream newsrooms are taking a sigh of relief. But who thought about the consequences for Canada that “Justin’s husband won?”

The idea that the left new world order will be protected now that populism’s greatest hero appears defeated will soon prove to be false. The enthusiastic supporters and voters of Joe Biden will vehemently demand the items on their wish list and thus initiate a phase of absolute self-employment in the USA. Many of these voters could not find Canada on a map and would object to investing time, money, resources or efforts in defending Canadian interests.

Regardless of how the US elections end, Canada will increasingly have to do without the American protective umbrella. As usual, Justin Trudeau’s unabashed attempts to divert attention from real problems and threats do not serve the interests of Canadian families.

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