Peaceful pro-democracy protesters assaulted by pro-Biden leftist thugs

Several thousand Trump supporters gathered in central Washington on Saturday to show support for The Donald. Trump himself also showed up.

Thousands of supporters of US President Donald Trump gathered in Washington to protest against the electoral fraud perpetrated by the Democrats. The protesters were vocal, shouting “four more years” and “we love you” despite the media-declared election victory of the Democratic challenger Joe Biden. 

Trump himself showed up to greet the demonstrators and they received him with loud cheers. He had written on Twitter the day before: “I could try to stop by and say hello.”

There was only limited advertising on social media for the “Million MAGA March” based on Trump’s campaign motto “Make America Great Again”.  Again, big-tech censored most attempts to draw attention to the gathering.

McConnell: Trump shouldn’t accept the election result from the media

Trump: 2.7 million Trump votes withheld by “Dominion”

The demonstration lasted late into the evening, and as the enormous crowd began to disperse, pro-Biden thugs emerged to swarm and assault individuals and groups of 2 or 3 people. Washington DC police cordoned off large parts of central Washington, but when the assaults began, they were nowhere to be seen. One person was injured by stab wounds, and when police finally arrived two officers were injured by the thugs.

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