New poll shows Canadians don’t want new Poles

1.2 million new Canadians in the next 3 years not welcome.

A Nanos Research Group poll showed that only 17% Canadians want more immigrants.  This comes days after Immigration Minister Marco ‘The Nose’ Mendicino announced that Canada would be accepting more immigrants.  A previous poll from 2019 similarly showed that most Canadians want more limited immigration numbers.

A record 1.2 million immigrants will come to Canada over the next 3 years, an equivalent number to the population of Calgary.  “In less than ten years we would have to build a new Montreal,” complained Conservative MP Raquel Dancho.  “Where are these people going to live?” she went on.

Only 60% of the immigrants will come from the “Economic Class”, meaning that they have any possibility of supporting themselves. “We’re facing 9% to 10% unemployment — more than a million Canadians are out of work. If they can’t find work, then they and their dependents end up on the public dole,” Ms Dancho said, noting how difficult it was for newcomers to find employment without proper language or social skills.

NDP Leader welcomed the numbers but said they didn’t go far enough. “Just Trudeau continues to think that borders mean keeping people out,” missing the irony that if the NDP ever gets into power, Canada’s borders will be there to keep people in.

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