Left-wing politician says the Ten Commandments do not prohibit looting – forgets that they do

Marianne Williamson is best known as a writer, spiritualist, and short-term presidential candidate for the US Democrats. Despite many years of experience as a preacher and pastor, her knowledge of the Bible is bizarrely lacking.

Bible wouldn’t forbid looting

In a tweet, Marianne Williamson wrote: “There are people in this country more concerned about a Walmart being looted than about an innocent man being killed. Many of them tout the Bible, but “Thou shall not loot” is not in there. “Thou shalt not kill” sure is. The reactions were not lacking.

Numerous Twitter users pointed out that the seventh commandment is “Do not steal” and therefore also includes looting. Almost 12 hours later, Williamson was forced to explain her tweet in more detail: “Actually, “Thou shalt not steal” is of course in there. But my point about priorities remains the same. “

“Priority: Don’t attack the police.”

The background to Williamson’s tweet was the shooting of a black man in Philadelphia. The police asked him several times to drop his knife. Instead, he ran up to the retreating officers and was shot. This sparked a wave of serious looting in Philadelphia.  A video of the actual incident is accessible only on youtube: 

A Twitter user wrote: “Priority: Don’t attack the police. So he is NOT innocent.” Marianne Williamson in turn justifies the attack on the police because they are said to have hindered “peaceful protests.” The officials are therefore the only ones who have violated the rules here.

Another user explains that the seventh commandment in the Hebrew original does not speak of “killing”, but rather of “murder” . But because the police officers had defended themselves according to the regulations, there could be no question of murder. Williamson no longer answered this argument.

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