Justice Director Richard Pilger resigned after an investigation was announced

Richard Pilger was the electoral crimes director in the United States Department of Justice’s Department of Justice. Because Attorney General William Barr ordered an extensive investigation into the electoral irregularities, Pilger resigned from his office.

In the US, the irregularities in the presidential election on November 3rd continue to preoccupy the minds of the people and, above all, the judicial authorities. Richard Pilger, formerly director of election crimes in the United States Department of Justice’s Department of Criminal Investigation, has stepped down. He disliked the fact that Attorney General William Barr had ordered an extensive investigation into the electoral irregularities against Pilger’s wishes. In 2013, Pilger conducted an investigation into Republican organizations that earned him allegations of bias against US Republicans.

Barr agreed with Pilger’s argument that individual states have primary responsibility for conducting elections. But, according to Barr, the Justice Department is “obliged to ensure that elections are conducted in such a way that the American people can have full confidence in their electoral process and their government.” The Justice Department has currently not fulfilled this obligation, which is why it is necessary to take immediate action for which he, Barr, has now cleared the way.

One of these measures is, among other things, the declaration of the General Service Administration (GSA), which has forbidden the Biden clan with immediate effect from attempting a formal start of the handover or from demanding this in public. The announcement of an alleged election victory Biden are false reports, no “official statement” has yet been made about an election winner.

According to observers and experts, the schedule, which provides that all votes in all states have been correctly counted by December 8th, can hardly be kept at the moment. Mainly because in some states the initial counting of votes has not yet been completed and these – possibly – have to be recounted.

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