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Trump will move smoothly into a second term in office

The US Secretary of State is confident. Meanwhile, the media are pretending that Biden is already using teams to combat COVID-19 and “fix” foreign policy.

At a press conference, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was asked if the State Department would begin working with the Biden team.

Pompeo’s response made the journalists pull their hair.

“The world is watching what is going on. We’ll count the votes. When the process is complete, the winner will be declared. That is the process that the Constitution clearly stipulates.” So Pompeo as The Gateway Pundit reports .

While in some states it is still unclear who will win the elections and in some cases there are also invalid ballots, the media are already pretending that Joe Biden has won and is putting together a team to deal with COVID-19 and work on foreign policy.

Under the Constitution, Trump has a right to a correct count of votes, and a recount might be necessary. Meanwhile, lawsuits against failure to comply with election guidelines and the counting of forged ballot papers are pending in several states.

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