Trump: “We will win!”

Donald Trump is still confident of victory. “WE WILL WIN!” He tweeted on Tuesday, and “WE ARE MAKING BIG PROGRESS. RESULTS START TO COME INAGAIN NEXT WEEK. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! “

On November 14th A large demonstration by Trump supporters in Washington, DC is planned under the motto “Million Maga March” based on the black “Million Man March” of the Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan 1995.

The polling institute  RealClearPolitics  has revoked the title of “President- Elect ” from Joe Biden and now shows him only leading the race, among other things, because of the irregularities in Pennsylvania with only 259 of the 270 required electors.

In Pennsylvania , the Trump campaign has filed a lawsuit alleging that the state “wrongly executed” the election that “took place in secret”. Ten attorneys general from different states have supported the motion of the Pennsylvania Republicans urging the Supreme Court to overturn the rule because of inequality that allows Pennsylvania to vote absent three days after the election. Supreme Court Judge Samuel Alito has urged Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar to weed out postal votes cast after 8 p.m. on November 3rd. Republicans called on Kathy Boockvar to resign.

In Philadelphia, 682,479 votes were counted without the supervision of Republican election observers, according to Trump spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany, which is illegal. In Philadelphia, former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and others were refused entry to the polling station despite a court order.

Senator Lindsey Graham, chairman of the Senate Judiciary, spoke on Fox News of 25,000 postal votes from various retirement homes, all randomly requested at exactly the same time.

In Michigan , around 10,000 presumably dead people cast absentee votes, according to an analysis by Big Data Poll’s Richard Baris. Baris found 9,500 Social Security numbers registered to dead people who had cast votes and an additional 2,000 voters 100 years or older. From Michigan alone there are 130 affidavits from witnesses who have observed irregularities, according to Trump spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany, including six witnesses who report that tens of thousands of loose ballot papers in vans with license plates from other states were dropped off at 4:40 am the day after the election, all for Joe Biden. The employees were instructed to backdate the ballot papers that were received too late and not to pay attention to unequal signatures.

“After the election officers announced that there would be no new postal votes, a load of unsecured and unsealed ballot papers, without envelopes, came on trays. There were around 40,000, all of which were verbally counted and all went to Democrats, ”said Cheryl A. Costantino and Edward P. McCall, Jr., who filed the lawsuit .

In Wisconsin , the Trump campaign has requested a recount because of “irregularities,” as Trump campaign manager Justin Clark said: “What we hear is very worrying.” Joe Biden is currently in Wisconsin with about 20,000 votes ahead of Trump. The Speaker of the House of Representatives Robin Vos ordered an examination of the entire election.

In Georgia , the Trump campaign requested a hand recount of all votes. Gabriel Sterling , spokesman for the Secretary of State for Georgia, said, “We will find illegal votes, we will find duplicate votes, and we will find votes from unqualified people.”

In Nevada , Republicans filed criminal charges with Attorney General William Barr for electoral fraud in at least 3,062 cases of voters no longer in Nevada. In an affidavit a witness reported seeing workers open, refill, and reseal postal voting envelopes in a Biden-Harris campaign delivery van. As soon as they saw that they were being watched, the staff formed a human shield around the van. Trump employee Matt Schlapp reported 9,000 votes from citizens who no longer live in Nevada, two examples of dead voters and votes from under 18s. The Trump campaign did not yet have access to 600,000 postal ballot papers to check their signatures, said Trump employee Adam Laxalt. According to Laxalt, at least 200,000 of them were only checked by machine, and the tolerance of the testing machines was reduced so much that it was no longer meaningful. The Republican Secretary of State of Nevada Barbara Cegavske said she is working with the FBI to investigate all allegations of election fraud.

In Arizona , Donald Trump is only about 10,000 votes, or 1%, behind Joe Biden, 1.63 to 1.64 million votes. 61,500 votes were still to be counted on Monday. If there is a difference of 0.1%, the system will automatically recount. The Trump campaign is certain that they will still win in Arizona. The Republicans and President Donald Trump filed in Arizona a suit because voters in Maricopa County, the largest constituency of the state, had been unlawfully dismissed at polling stations.

The US Attorney General William Barr ordered the Justice Department on Monday to open an investigation into the irregularities in the US election.

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