“Stop the steal!”

Millions of votes that went from Trump to Biden in the presidential election were creatively created or simply made up. People are protesting against this and have announced a march for Trump in Washington for next Saturday. The motto: “Stop the steal!”

It is becoming increasingly clear that the post-election vote counting in the USA has been manipulated to a great extent. Miraculous increase in votes in favor of the socialist candidate Biden by the US Democrats in previous Republican strongholds, unexplained sudden counting stops in some states with the incumbent Trump clearly leading, with a subsequent miraculous swing in favor of Biden, evidence of falsified election documents – the list of misconduct, the mistakes, attempts at fraud and scams is long, very long.

Courts have long been busy bringing clarity to the matter. But that will take time. Much time. As long as these allegations are not resolved, the current President Donald Trump will remain in office. Biden and his clique can still scream loudly.

For their part, the Trump supporters don’t just want to stand still and watch the goings-on. They have announced their “March for Trump” in Washington next Saturday. Under the motto “Stop the steal!” they want to gather at the Freedom Plaza and demonstrate against the massive manipulation.

The call was also published on all social networks. The anti-Trump short message system Twitter has deleted this appeal for flimsy reasons. According to the explanation, it would not be in line with the Twitter rules.

In the past few weeks and months, Twitter has attracted attention because it has used the big censorship club to massively delete or censor posts by Trump and his supporters. For comparison: calls for violent gatherings of the Black Lives Matter group of violent criminals, on the other hand, have not yet been deleted by Twitter or given warnings.

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