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32 things with a face that shouldn’t really have any

Pareidolia: The phenomenon of seeing faces where there actually are none.

1 The friendly water buffalo at the dentist.

2 When your stomach is already looking forward to the beer.

3 “Yoshiii!”

4 Ditto.

5 Happy Post.

6 Caught a couple making out while reversing.

7 Church of Devotees of the Confused Chicken.

8 Suspicious pants.

9 Glenn Quagmire home.

10 Terminator – How it all began

11 Surprised ruin

12 dum dum, give me gum gum!

13 😀

14 Outraged rear bumper light.

15 I have your nose!

16 This stool has seen terrible things.

17 When suddenly you are reborn as a board.

18 Or as an ostrich.

19 Elegant waterfall lady.

20 Do you carry marijuana or other illegal substances?

21 Whatever it is, it looks sad.

22 Whaaaat?

23 Nose? Running.

24 If this were the final destination, I would be scared.

25 This emotional suitcase.

26 I have a feeling that this boxing glove is going to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it.

27 Look how sweetly these pots reflect the gas field.

28 Albino alien.

29 That yogurt joker.

30 That little note friend.

31 It’s only two empty bottles.

32 Raphael.

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