US Attorney General Barr allows election fraud investigation

After numerous indications of election fraud in the US elections, Attorney General Bill Barr allows an investigation.

After the evidence of multiple instances of  electoral fraud in the decisive state of Pennsylvania piling up, the US Attorney General Bill Barr has given consent to the investigation. With this, the public prosecutors subordinate to his department can begin investigations.

The prerequisite, Barr said, is that there are “clear and overtly credible allegations of irregularities that, if true, could potentially affect the outcome of a federal election in a single state.” This is particularly the case in Pennsylvania. There, Joe Biden has so far led the counts over President Donald Trump by 46,000 votes.

There are many indications of electoral fraud. For example, when the postal ballot papers were counted, Republican election observers were systematically kept away from the counting tables. Initially five meters; after complaints a distance of 1.80 meters was requested. But when the observers moved that distance, the counting commission moved further away, reports National Review.

The allegation affects around 300,000 ballots – far more than Biden’s lead. And, more importantly, votes for the US Democrats, who traditionally vote by post far more often than Republicans.

The Justice Minister had to hurry with his decision because the possible fraudsters will try to cover their tracks. Therefore, contrary to the usual rule, the investigations were made possible before the official announcement of the result. Barr, who is also the attorney general, stressed that only “serious allegations” are investigated and that they are dealt with “with great care”; “Flimsy, speculative, absurd or far-fetched” allegations are not grounds for investigation.

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