Soros son criticizes lies about his father in article

In a contradictory article, the son of US investor George Soros , Alexander, laments the false and prolific online allegations that his father had something to do with the Black Lives Matter (BLM) riots. On the one hand, this is anti-Semitic and racist towards blacks and Mexicans, because you don’t believe they could set up such a movement themselves – so you blame the Jews. At the same time, he announced that the Open Society Foundation would invest $220 million in racial equality in the United States.

Darkest conspiracy theories

Blaming Jews for civil rights movements is a textbook tactic of white supremacy, and anti-Semitism is being stoked again, wrote Alexander Soros in an article on the NBC News website. As early as October 2018, his father was also widely accused of financing a migrant caravan to the southern US border. Also because of the support of a liberal criminal justice system, he was accused of being responsible for the unrest in Chicago and other US cities, because they brought criminals onto the streets.  Such lies come from those who see their power and position threatened because of the demand for justice. As anti-Jewish propaganda and conspiracy theory “from the darkest Internet corner”, Alexander also referred to the repeatedly emerging “substitute thesis” that evil Jewish financiers want to replace whites with supposedly more malleable, colored people.

All out of solidarity

His father’s worldview was deeply shaped by his struggle for survival under National Socialism. Since the early 1980s, his father gave away over 15 billion US dollars in order to implement his ideal of an “open society” with the core elements of equality and the protection of fundamental rights of the individual. This is not charity, but pure solidarity with others who have had a similar fate. His father believes in an open society because Jews and other minorities need legal rights and equality to prevent another Holocaust. It made him many political enemies, such as Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and Hungary’s head of government, Viktor Orban, who used anti-Semitism and presented his father as an “existential threat.”

Soros donation platform for BLM

According to Influencewatch, the founders of Black Lives Matter have a good relationship with large “radical left organizations.”  The Democracy Alliance, for example, plays a key role when it comes to donations. George Soros is a founding member of this largest, liberal US fundraising lobby network. Members must provide at least $200,000 annually, following recommendations from the Alliance. In 2015, for example, there was a call to give Black Lives Matter more money: specifically, to the Black Youth Project 100, the Center for Popular Democracy, the Black Civic Engagement Fund, Color of Change and the Advancement Project. The Alliance also supports the left-wing Democrats in the current US election campaign.

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