McConnell: Trump shouldn’t accept the election result from the media

If Democrats have nothing to hide, they shouldn’t oppose a review

Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell defended the president’s current lawsuits with a clear statement justifying Trump to have the ballots checked.

“So it’s time we talked about where we are now based on the preliminary results. Voters across the country have elected and re-elected Republican senators to an extent that has actually stunned forecasters. Likewise, the American people seem to have responded to the radicalism and obstruction of the Democrats in the House of Representatives by shrinking the majority of the speaker [Nancy Pelosi] and electing more Republicans.”

McConnell also tackled the presidential race itself:

“And then there is the presidential race, in which obviously no states have yet confirmed their election results. We have at least one or two states already working towards a recount. And I believe the president will take legal action in at least five states.”

McConnell rejected allegations, conspiracy theories and criticism of Trump with his statements:

“The core principle is not complicated here. In the United States of America, all legal ballot papers must be counted separately from illegal ballot papers, the latter must not be counted. The process should be transparent and observable for all parties. And the courts are there to resolve concerns. Our institutions are actually made for exactly that. “

“President Trump has one hundred percent the right to investigate allegations of irregularities and weigh up his legal options. Let’s go back 20 years. Twenty years ago, when there was a very thin margin in Florida, we saw Vice President Gore exhaust the legal system and wait until December to admit. “

“If the Democrats are confident that there has been no electoral fraud, they shouldn’t fear additional testing. We have the tools and institutions we need to address any concern, and the President has every right to investigate allegations and require recounts by law. In particular, the Constitution does not give wealthy media companies a role in this process. The press projections and comments are not vetoed over the legal rights of any citizen, including the President of the United States. “

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