The choice is made by the counters

It is no longer the voter who decides on the outcome of an election, but the counter. This has been true for a long time and has now finally reached the USA. It is also easier to influence the manageable number of counters than to influence the total number of voters.

Almost 330 million people live in the USA, about ten times as many as in Canada. The majority of them were called to vote last Tuesday. There are two ways to convince voters. Either you make good politics and implement the previously announced goals against almost all adversities. The incumbent US President Trump belongs to this category of politicians. And that despite the fact that the corona virus, which escaped from a laboratory in China in autumn 2019, tried to thwart his plans. But after a veritable slump in all economic indices, it became clear that Trump’s decisions were taking effect. In the two months before the election, the numbers rose again significantly, the economy recovered, in October by as much as 33 percent compared to the previous month!

Such numbers should have been immediately fatal for Trump’s opponents, but they had plenty of time to prepare a “Plan B” beforehand. In any case, the voters could not be really convinced with empty phrases, presented by a colorless and empathetic candidate. In addition, it would require an immense effort in terms of personnel and infrastructure to have a massive impact on around 250 million voters. It is much easier to focus on the counters. Their number is significantly lower, after all, there are only 453 electoral districts nationwide.

Every constituency, in the USA as well as here in Canada, is dependent on the voluntary help of its citizens. So volunteers are mobilized from within their own ranks, who are then positioned at the crucial points. And the political situation is already shifting. Mostly imperceptibly. Every now and then, attempts at fraud that are too obvious are noticed. However, the amount of tampering that is revealed is low compared to the number of successful attempts, and most of the targeted attacks remain undetected.

Sure, every now and then it is counted. But here, too, the same rules apply as above: whoever controls the counters controls the choice. These are the facts – and they remain unchallenged.

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