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Pennsylvania: US Democrats break electoral law

In the state of Pennsylvania, Republicans are suing the polling officer for violating the electoral law.

In the state of Pennsylvania, the Democrats have apparently discovered and used another form of electoral fraud using postal votes. And the Republicans are now suing them, reports National Review.

What happened? – In every election, incorrect ballot papers are cast in an election. And if the mistake was made and recognized in the submission at the polling station, the voter can vote again. Not so with the postal vote in Pennsylvania. Correction of   ballot papers   is prohibited by law.

This law has been violated by some local district electoral boards and even by the state’s chief electoral officer, Jonathan Marks.

Some district electoral committees provided political party staff with the names, addresses and even email addresses of voters, along with an explanation of the errors on the voting form. They then got the opportunity to correct their ballot papers. In several cases, the district returning officers even weighed the incoming postal ballot forms to check that they contained the necessary confidentiality envelopes, said the Republican attorney.

On Monday evening, shortly before the election, the state election officer even allowed the respective district election officers to notify voters if their ballot papers contained errors. At least eight constituencies indicated that this was illegal.

This procedure can significantly change the election result. Because it is known that postal voters predominantly vote for the US Democrats. So mostly votes for Biden are corrected.

The election officer, Jonathan Marks, is a member of the Democratic party.

The case is now in court.

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