Black woman takes over for James Bond as 007

The Jamaican actress Lashana Lynch has announced that she will be the first woman to take on the title 007 in the new “James Bond” film. The US actor Daniel Craig, who plays the British secret agent, is in exile in “No Time to Die”. She is grateful for questioning the classic narrative to counter stereotypes about race and gender, Lynch told Harper’s Bazaar.

She embodies the MI6 agent Nomi in the film that is slated to hit theaters next year. So she doesn’t play James Bond himself, but takes over his code name at times.

Society is slowly moving away from “toxic masculinity” because women openly and loudly insisted on their rights and would immediately name misconduct, emphasized the dark-skinned actress. As her main personal task, however, she regards the “struggle of her culture” and referred to the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

Bond representation caused outrage

Since then, some companies have become increasingly concerned with the topic and would “do the right thing,” praised Lynch. In the film industry, too, the well-established hierarchy of celebrities is being uprooted.

The reactions to her role in “No Time to Die” also showed that there was still some progress to be made in terms of cultural integration. Her casting as 007 caused a lot of outrage. Black people should therefore make it their daily responsibility to understand “racial experiences” in order to guide the world, she says.

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