Biden becomes president, but does he have enough strength?

Victories look different. The shadow of fraud lies above the wafer-thin majorities for Joe Biden. Perhaps this can be clarified in court. But the division of the country cannot be cured with this. And that was and is not only due to Trump, who is still refusing to recognize the victory.

Like most of the media, the polling institutes did their part for years up until the election. The Democrats around Joe Biden may breathe a sigh of relief with half of the country, but only half.

It is completely open whether the relief will last for long because the voters will soon present the bill to the new president. Or get what they want from him. Because several left-wing extremist demonstrators from the movement behind the harmless label “Black lives matter” are convinced that they can expect neither a strong condemnation nor even a tough crackdown from Biden and his Vice-President Kamala Harris.

The virus made the choice

As a precaution, the shops in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and other cities have barricaded their windows – startled by the media, who already know who is to blame, should riots and chaos break out. For days they have been pointing their fingers at Donald Trump, but it is above all democratically elected cities in which chaos threatens to break out and whose mayors have long supported the “Black lives matter” movement.

Even without such a rampage, America has more than enough chaos. The corona pandemic has terrified many citizens. More than 235,000 people have died with the virus, millions have been infected, the contradicting statements from the White House were Legion.

Before that, the economy was in full swing, but then the deep fall into the Corona abyss with over twenty-four million unemployed has unsettled the country. Not Biden, but the virus made the choice. It remains to be seen whether Biden, who ostentatiously always appeared in a mask during the election campaign and, like his former boss Barack Obama, made the pandemic the main topic, will better manage this crisis in the land of the free.

Higher taxes, a public health system and more chaos

It is also open whether and how he wants to boost the economy and create jobs. He wants to raise taxes, a classic if unimaginative measure from the toolbox of left parties. We should first wait and see whether the big technology groups will also be seriously affected.

He wants to build a state health system based on the Obamacare model. But whether it will get the blessing of the Supreme Court is not at all clear. On the contrary, in the next few weeks the Supreme Court wants to discuss the remnants of Obamacare and indicate a trend as to whether and why this health system is not compatible with the constitution. And the Senate has an important say in this.

But the chaos that Biden and the Democrats will wreak in America over the next few years goes on. Before his election, the new president promised to reform the education system so that all children in America, not just those of the rich, receive a thorough education.

Biden wants to reform the criminal justice system

It’s the usual leftist longing for equal opportunities from the start – an illusion, especially in a country where graduation rates are increasing; today 90 percent of Americans have a high school diploma and almost half a college diploma.

Biden wants to regulate immigration anew – an illusion, especially in a nation that has been multiethnic since the earliest times and sees to it that newcomers are useful and not only want to live well. He wants to reform the criminal justice system so that not so many African-Americans fill the prisons – an illusion in a country where one is not convicted for the color of the skin, but for criminal offenses, even if racism is part of everyday life.

Biden wants to make the economy more ecological, to rejoin the Paris climate agreement, to get out of fossil energy supplies and to rely more on nuclear energy again – an illusion, especially in a country where coal, gas and oil are abundant and the livelihoods of millions are on offer.

He is the oldest new president

In addition, the comeback of nuclear energy, even with smaller, modern reactors, is unlikely to meet with approval from the Greens and Left in his party. But it is precisely the left wing of the Democrats, personified by Vice President Harris and even more so by the old rival Bernie Sanders and the Muslim Ilhan Omar and the Marxist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who will exercise much more influence in the party and government. They will also submit their bill for their election support and it is questionable whether Biden can hold the party together at all.

No matter how you turn it around, America’s oldest new president at 77 will hardly achieve what his former and more dynamic boss Obama was unable to do. Obama achieved little. That was of course also due to the opposition of the Republicans in Congress, Obama had only two years of complete freedom of action.

Biden’s victory must be compared with the original American system of checks and balances, the counterweights in questions of power. With a presumably still Republican-dominated Senate – the final decision in Georgia will not be made until a runoff election on January 5th – America faces years of self-blockade in the best case scenario, in the worst turmoil and chaos because Biden cannot keep the promises that he made.

Trump will leave the White House on January 20

Above all, this includes jobs and the victory over the corona pandemic. With tax increases, however, he will not be able to stimulate the economy or create new jobs. He will have to seek a compromise with the Republicans and to that extent hope that the Senate will remain Republican in order to defend the pragmatic concessions against the left in his own party.

And Trump? He will duly leave the White House on January 20, once the legality of the election has been resolved. But he will not sink into insignificance. His following is too large, his successes in this election too – the Democrats’ lead in the House of Representatives reduced, the majority in the Senate probably retained, the media and opinion polls defied – too clear for him to politically fail to use his astonishing popularity.

All the more so since the division of the country will be demonstrated again and again and kept alive by both sides, by Trump no less than by the left-liberal elite. And let’s not forget that its historic merit of appointing three Conservative judges to the Supreme Court, which the left wing of the Democrats will definitely want to neutralize with the appointment of new judges, which will deepen the division.

Does Biden have the strength to take up the fight?

Biden will hardly be able to pacify America; the ideological and ethnic differences in his own party are too sharp for that. He is a prisoner of the left, because if he wants to have his own policy, his fragile majority will collapse. Some compromises with the Republicans – especially with the aid and reconstruction program due to the Corona crisis – will be possible, nothing more.

This tough business requires a rugged nature and Biden’s physical prowess still raises doubts. And the smug cheers in the offices and editorial offices will soon fall silent. Biden will not take any other positions than Trump in foreign relations, he will just speak differently.

In his standard work “World Order”, which describes the mechanics of world politics, Henry Kissinger once pointed out the dilemma of the world power USA: America vacillates between hegemony and morality, it must be hegemonic in order to maintain order, but also moral in order to to be recognized. Both at the same time are difficult.

The left turned their noses up at America for four years at both challenges. Biden will not succeed in this balancing act either. It can govern neither hegemonic nor morally correct; rather, it will have to act in a protectionist manner and be guided ideologically. His appeal for unity is cheap, Biden himself certainly believes in it, but it sounds hollow.

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