Corona crisis hits the psyche: Suicides could increase sharply

The corona crisis not only leads to a severe economic crisis, according to experts psychological problems such as depression are also on the rise. 4157 people died in Canada in 2017 as a result of suicide. The number of suicide attempts is estimated to be several times higher.

It is not uncommon for mental illnesses such as depression, psychosis, addiction or personality disorders to play a role. However, loneliness and existential fears are often the reason.

Experts fear that with the long duration of the corona pandemic, the number of people suffering from depression or those who can no longer see a way out due to loneliness or existential fears could rise sharply.

For example, a counseling centre in Toronto reports that autumn, when depression increases, and the pandemic are a dangerous combination. According to the centre, there were already many suicides and suicide attempts since the spring.

At the moment, however, it is not really possible to estimate how the crisis will affect mental health. A study by the University of Toronto also shows that 54 percent of Canadians have had their mental health deteriorate during the Corona plague. Of those Canadians whose mental health was already ailing before the crisis, the situation has become even worse for more than two thirds (71 percent).

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