Lenin called it “decomposition”

When police officers are labeled “garbage” and police are blamed for racism, this is an attempt to damage free democracies. The procedure follows a classic left-wing extremist method. 

There has been a lot of talk of police violence and racism in the police force in recent months. The reason for this was the killing of George Floyd by a police officer in Minneapolis. As if at the push of a button, the “Black Lives Matter” movement emerged, which was able to mobilize considerably worldwide. In this context, police in various western countries have been accused of racism and discrimination against people of different skin colors and origins.

It was not about individual cases of police misconduct, but the authorities were generally assumed to be racist. Left-wing politicians spoke of institutional or latent racism among the police. Cities across Canada, which tend to be dominated by the left-wing, passed a “anti-discrimination laws”, according to which police officers bear the burden of proving that their police measures are non-discriminatory.

These political attacks on the police are flanked by corresponding reporting in the left mainstream media. On June 15, Annamie Paul, the new Green Party leader wrote that police officers belong in the rubbish dump where they are only surrounded by rubbish because they feel most comfortable with their own kind. Every child and every so-called party-goer knows what to do with rubbish.

At the same time, there is a frontal attack on the armed forces and the police with the claim that they are interspersed with right-wing extremists. Each individual case is used by left-wing politicians and the media as evidence of the structural right-wing extremism problem they claim. 

The way left politicians and their media deal with left-wing extremist organizations is very different. When President Trump described Antifa as a terrorist organization, this predictably led left-wing politicians in Canada to again declare their opposition to everything Trump, and their solidarity with this violent left-wing extremist movement. In short: left solidarity with left-wing extremists, on the other hand, police officers and soldiers are discredited and defamed as representatives of the rule of law.

Why are the police treated like this from the left? Why this hatred and distrust and why the indifference towards those police officers who have been victims of violence?

It is neither stupid nor coincidence, but follows a method. Probably some leftists are not even aware of this because they simply swim with the mainstream. To understand this, one has to know how the ideological left-wing extremists in the left milieus are influential with their issues. They strive for a totalitarian state in which a small group of political believers can achieve their ideological goals without and against the majority of the population. Even if many leftists do not go that far, they are adapting many of the themes of the ideological left-wing extremists. The term “socialism” is largely avoided because it is politically charged.

But the left’s strategy has not changed. They occupy issues with which they can mobilize the masses and discredit and fight the bourgeois democracies. These include topics such as anti-racism, anti-fascism, anti-imperialism, climatism and feminism. These issues make left-wing extremism compatible with left-wing liberal bourgeois society. Because who is not against racism, fascism or environmental destruction? With these topics you can mobilize people. They not only serve as a means of mobilization, they are also battle concepts to put free democracy under pressure. Lenin called the method “decomposition”, through real or fabricated revelations and blanket accusations, to make democratic institutions untrustworthy in the eyes of the population.

A system change is all the easier if the institutions are so untrustworthy and weakened that citizens lose confidence in democracy, and if the police are no longer able to carry out their tasks. With blanket accusations such as institutional racism or right-wing extremism, attempts are made to discredit the police and thus damage the free democracies. This is a classic left-wing extremist method. The democratic left must understand this and distance itself from it. It has to understand that their enemy is not only on the right but also on the left.

The middle class is used to taking criticism seriously. But we must also understand that blanket unjustified criticism is being used by left-wing extremism to damage our free democracies. It is forbidden to take this criticism seriously, and it requires that we protect ourselves in front of the attacked institutions.

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