Trump or the puppet?

Trump or Biden – on November 3rd, not just the fate of the current US president will be decided.

The American presidential election is not a decision between two men, but between two future paths for the United States. One way is embodied by the political outsider, who sensationally reached the White House in 2016. The other way is the possible seizure of power by the established political powers, which are backed by the globalist interests of the Californian digital corporations, the majority of the media dependent on them and the radical left.

Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden is so obviously the puppet of these powers and forces that there is no need to elaborate on his role. The fact that this conspicuously senile and probably also corrupt professional politician still has better chances of winning next Tuesday is solely due to the unconditional will of the American power complex to finally get the troublemaker Trump out of the way and by all possible means.

Nevertheless, this would not have been possible without the Corona crisis. Trump did much less wrong in this crisis than the Canadian hate media have spread. But he found it difficult to convey the hypocritical empathy with which Justin Trudeau successfully made a name for herself in Canada as a saving angel for the elderly, sick and fearful. Trump, on the other hand, has never concealed that the measures against Corona should not have worse consequences for society as a whole than the virus itself. This message is correct, but should have been conveyed more sensitively to the older middle-class audience in the US. The consequences of this will be shown above all by the result in Florida, a retiree’s paradise. This is a state that Trump absolutely has to win in order to remain president.

Trump can certainly hope for re-election despite his supposedly hopeless poll results. The huge influx of airfield rallies in many parts of the country shows the enthusiasm and loyalty this man can count on after four very difficult years in his tenure. It is not an exaggeration to call the wealthy real estate capitalist Trump, of all people, the darling of the working class, the army of simple service providers, the police, professing Christians and most of the patriotic Americans. These many millions of people see him as the protector of a policy that wants to inflict on them a lot of social and societal demands under a progressive cloak.

As in Canada, in the US there is a de facto coalition of the modern digital capital faction with radical green and left movements as well as the dominant forces in culture and media. Should the puppet Biden become president, this coalition should soon prove to be fragile and plunge the US into severe turbulence. This will be ensured above all by Trump supporters, who will not submit to their fate as defenselessly as patriots and conservatives in Trudeau’s non-country.

However, unrest can also be expected in the event of Trump’s victory, because his opponents will not simply accept this unexpected setback. The US is threatened with a cold civil war with ever new hot upsurges. Trump, who no longer has to be considerate in his second term in office, is the only politician who can prevent the cold from turning into a bloody civil war. On November 3rd, not just his fate will be decided.

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