Because you have probably never seen a speech by Melania Trump in the Canadian media, you should watch this video

With her approximately 17-minute speech at an election campaign event in Pennsylvania, the First Lady earned a lot of applause and made the audience laugh several times.

“The United States is a land of hope, not fear.”

The First Lady, who grew up in communist Slovenia, made it clear: The upcoming election is about preventing Joe Biden’s “socialist agenda” that would destroy America. Biden is posing as the nation’s savior, having served 36 years in Congress and eight years as vice president.

The mainstream media got their fat too. There is “so much goodness and mercy” in the country, but that is not echoed. Instead, the media cited “anonymous sources and angry ex-employees trying to distract from important work in the White House”. The Democratic Party and the media “work tirelessly to destroy all of our traditional values”.

“We are not the politicians who have worked in Washington for far too long!”

Melania emphasizes President Trump’s achievements. She “doesn’t always agree with the way he says things,” but as the president, her husband speaks directly to the people every day. He signed numerous “historic peace treaties in the Middle East”, campaigned for families and against violent lockdown measures.

Melania also went into her own work because it was hardly mentioned in the media: “It was my greatest honor and privilege to serve as the first lady of this incredible country.”

For years she has been campaigning against cyber bullying and drug use with her Be Best campaign. As a thank you, the crowd chanted: “Four more years!”

She concluded her speech with the words: “God bless you all and your families and God bless our beautiful nation!”

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