Madame Tussaud’s Berlin throws Trump figure in the trash can

“We’re already making room for the next president,” announced the Berlin wax museum and dumped Their Trump figure in a PR campaign. The Hitler figure, however, was allowed to remain standing.

In the context of the lockdown, many are desperate because they are not allowed to open their stores. The wax figure museum “Madame Tussaud’s Berlin”, on the other hand, seems to be downright panicking, because they tried to gain relevance with a very special attraction before they have to close their doors for the next month. Or maybe they know something there that we don’t, because the museum leaned very far out of the window this week when they exhibited the wax figure of US President Donald Trump in a garbage can and finally rolled him out of the showroom with the bin.

The garbage can is labeled “Dump Trump: Make America Great Again,” and inside the garbage can the Trump figure is surrounded by garbage bags and Twitter-style speech bubbles with, for example, “You’re Fired” on them. “The action today is meant more symbolically, in relation to the elections in the US. And we, Madame Tussaud’s Berlin, wanted to remove the wax figure of Donald Trump as a precaution,” said a spokeswoman. A photo of this exhibition was posted on Instagram with the description: “The US elections are imminent, and we are already making room for the next president”. Some users expressed their indignation that they would never enter the museum again. Many Americans also complained. For example, one wrote, “Pretty disrespectful to insult the nation that protected you for 70 years after you set the world on fire.”

Nonetheless, the marketing worked, the news went viral on the internet and spread across the world. The US Democrats’ Twitter community celebrated the action. Actor Mark Hamill (known as Luke Skywalker), who is campaigning for Joe Biden, thanked Germany, for example.

There are lots of Germans among the commenters who claim they have experience with fascists and would recognize them straight away if they only saw them. Well, there is a lot to be said about that. First, it’s amazing how quickly they crawled out of their corners to brag about their experiences; you could almost think they’re proud of it. Second, the wax museum also exhibits a figure of Hitler. It has already been damaged and even beheaded by visitors, but the museum has repeatedly repaired it afterwards and so far it has not yet been removed in a garbage can – so much for priorities. Third, let’s go through the whole thing, let’s assume Trump is a fascist. And one of the kind that gets our fascist barometer starts up.

Then he would have viewed this exhibition as a declaration of war, and I mean that in all seriousness. Because what if you had done that with Erdogan, for example? Or God help me – even with Mohammed? How far could satire go? We recently had very bad experiences with insulting Muhammad.  The museum wouldn’t dare to do either of these, not even Hitler outraged them. But with Trump they dare to do it without further ado – and that is proof that he cannot be such a dangerous fascist. But since he’s “an old white guy”, it’s no problem to make inhuman and disrespectful jokes about him. Trump himself has not yet commented on this, but he also has better things to do – to win an election, for example.

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