Israeli historian on the corona crisis: We are threatened with total surveillance

Historian Yuval Noah Harari explains that humanity is threatened by total surveillance. In the worst case, world order could collapse completely.

We are at a time of transition into an uncertain future with massive changes and upheavals. The renowned Israeli historian and bestselling author Yuval Noah Harari explains how the world is rapidly changing for the worse.

The coronavirus crisis acts like a fire accelerator, especially when it comes to the complete and total surveillance of the population. The crisis may herald a new era.

He thinks it plausible that humanity will split up in the course of accelerated technological progress. There will be a privileged few who can take advantage of all of the riches and advantages of new technologies. And there will be a huge “useless caste” of people who will “at some point disappear from the course of history.

His assessment of the consequences of the crisis is: “In 50 years, people will not remember the epidemic that much. Instead, they will say: This was the moment when the digital revolution became a reality. “

In his opinion, the successes of surveillance technology in combating the virus crisis will be used and later abused to solve other problems through surveillance and digital control. China is a pioneer here and thus a window through which one can look into the future. Because as soon as technologies have been successfully tried out in one part of the world, sooner or later they will also be used in other parts of the world – with all their consequences.

The technological aids are already available today to set up a perfect dictatorship:

“It would be an authoritarian regime the likes of which this planet has never seen. A dictatorship that would be worse than Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union under Josef Stalin is conceivable today.”

Yuval Noah Harari fears that if the corona crisis worsens or a new virus crisis gets worse, governments could give the population a choice: either a radical lockdown or digital surveillance. Many citizens would then choose to be monitored for fear of lockdown. But once the surveillance methods are in place, they won’t go away anytime soon.

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