London: “One-night-stands” banned from now on due to Corona

Love in the time of Corona

If you would like to know how far a democratically legitimized government can go to “protect” its population from the further spread of the virus, a look at Great Britain is recommended. In London, the tumultuous capital of that island, the government impulse to regulate is now reaching deep into the most intimate areas of its citizens. And even a little further. The new Covid virtue terror apparently stops at nothing in the former British Empire

The fight against Corona has now also penetrated British bedrooms. Due to the increasing number of infections according to official information, one-night stands are prohibited as soon as warning level two is reached. Then people from different households are not allowed to meet indoors, said the British government. It does not matter whether it is a private apartment or a public place. There are exceptions, but they affect other areas of life such as childcare.

From warning level two, spontaneous and unplanned overnight stays in someone else’s apartment are prohibited according to a new regulation. The measure is already in force in London.

It is well known that an English gentleman did not talk about such piquant matters in the past. He enjoyed – and was silent. The fact that such strict rules apply in the formerly Puritan-Calvinist Britain, of all places, may surprise a neutral observer. Do the stubborn British count as advocates of increased sexual intercourse outside of marriage? Hardly likely. But this regulation clearly shows the degree of presumption that certain government circles can allow themselves in the meantime in corona times. Where will this end?

George Orwell’s wildest fantasies are soon exceeded

The only question that remains is how does the UK administration intend to effectively monitor this type of newly enacted abstinence? Perhaps Sadiq Khan, the first Muslim mayor of London, who is known to insist on observance of morality for reasons of faith, already has a few practical suggestions from his old homeland of Pakistan in the drawer. Being well prepared is one of his primary tasks as a Mayor.

Is this still far away from us? Not at all! This energetic approach to corona containment could be the ideal blueprint for the Canadian federal government, which is also always concerned about us.

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