Canadian government is building “Isolation Sites” across the country

The Canadian federal government has put out a tender to build, operate, and manage “Isolation Sites” that can hold tens of thousands of people.  The tender also includes provisions to provide food and medical care to the internees.

The stated objective is to quarantine people infected with Covid, but dig deeper into the details and the tender becomes more disturbing.  The successful bidder will also be responsible for “Data collection,” transportation and security.  And if you think the sites are going to be used just to quarantine the infected, read on.  The sites “may be used for other requirements …as the need for the sites and services could vary over time.”

The supplier of these services must be able to act quickly to construct these “camps” since the government will need to “activate and resource a site and services with very short notice.”

The objective of the sites is to concentrate government-designated people at a certain location away from the general public.  They are literally concentration camps; even the name is a synonym.  “Concentration camp” = “Isolation Site”.  There is literally no difference.

The Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) is cited as legislation that could impact the bidders because the CFTA removes barriers of transporting items (and people?) across provincial boundaries.

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