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Scary: Violent BLM mob chases drivers

An angry BLM mob blocks an intersection in Los Angeles. When the driver of a white Prius drives across the intersection and past the mob, the demonstrators freak out and chase the driver. When they reach it, they smash the windows and hit the driver.

Again and again life-threatening blockades by BLM rioters

In the last few months there have been increasing street blockades by rioters belonging to the Black Lives Matter movement. Public road sections were blocked by a mob and the road users were sometimes forcibly prevented from continuing.

In addition, there were repeated gunshots at road users by the rioters. Violent antifa and BLM supporters shot six people who did not want the vehicle to be blocked.

Scenes are reminiscent of end-time films

A new video shows the driver of a white Prius slowly maneuvering his car through an angry BLM mob in Los Angeles. As a result, he is first followed on foot by some of the violent mob. Later he was caught by a black pickup truck with four other BLM trailers sitting on a loading area.

The Prius is blocked on both sides. One of the violent criminals beats the driver while six others try to break the window of the car. They use everything that is currently available: a skateboard, a bicycle, a flag. The whole scene reminds many users on social media of an end times or zombie film.

When the Prius driver finally escaped the life-threatening situation of the mob, he is caught by the police and arrested with handcuffs . Meanwhile, the BLM mob, consisting of hundreds of people, continues to block a major intersection in downtown Los Angeles.

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